CUSTOMIZED CARE through the selection of enrichment activities

We believe that personal interaction and activity helps maintain a happy and healthy pet. Create your own package to accommodate the special needs of your pet. Just let us know what we can do to maximize your pet's comfort.


Low Energy Play


Cuddles and Rubs In room cuddles and attention (10min)

Brush Me, Please Relaxing brush-time for dogs who love to be brushed(10min)

Lavender Spritz Tuck-in Calming oils spritzed on bedding, bedtime snack, and goodnight hugs

Tail Wagging Tale Short story read aloud at bedtime

Senior Stroll Extra stroll at your senior dog’s pace to keep the joints limber

Yappy Hour in the PRG Lounge Who doesn’t enjoy a doggie beer and pretzels in the PRG lounge with TV and fireplace


High Energy Play



Splash Time Water play in a baby pool(15min)

Ball Toss Retrievers will go nuts when we throw a ball or toy to their heart’s content (15min)

Tug-O-War Time Pulling and running with a rope-style toy will tire out the most energetic dog (15min)

Laser Chase This chase activity was voted most fun by dogs and cats of all ages (15min)

Pic and Play Enjoy a private play session and a tasty treat, then have a picture texted to you to use on social media (15min)

Brain Teasing Puzzle Interactive play will exercise your dog’s mind and challenge him to find hidden treats in a puzzle. Dogs love this (15min)

Customized Cat Care


Brush Me, Please Soothing brushing time for cats who love to be brushed

Lap and story Relaxing cuddle time with short story read aloud at bedtime

Lavender Cuddles & Rubs Calming lavender spray on bedding with private cuddles and a meaty treat (10min)

Laser Chase This chase activity was voted most fun by dogs and cats of all ages (10min)

Cat & Mouse Catnip toy on a string provides a rowdy romp to thrill your feline (10min)

Bird Watching on Porch Our fully-enclosed porch gives your cat a taste of the outdoors with sights and sounds of nature (10min)




Kong Rubber toy stuffed with treats and a flavorful topping

Frozen Protein Pupsicle Lactose-free Greek yogurt flavored with peanut butter

Frozen Broth Pupsicle Made from broth, our frozen pop tastes great for pups counting calories


Pup Enrichment Program:By appointment only, either Monday mornings or Monday afternoons. Includes ½ day daycare with additional 4hrs of brain and body stimulating enrichmentactivities guaranteed to tire out the most energetic pup


Group Play Options


Behavioral Assessmentsession includes 4 hrs of group play & determines if your pup w0uld enjoy daycare

No charge


Daycare While BoardingDaycare approved overnight guests may play: